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Global Networking Made Easy from Comfort of your own home

Agritech Fest

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Global Networking Made Easy

at the comfort of your own home

Nothing will prepare you for the most epic virtual event of the year...

Dear Guest,

Agritech Fest is a festival with worldwide participation of Hydroponic and Aquaponic Enthusiasts, Business Vendors, Entrepreneurs, Researchers and Investors. Collectively coming together for the virtual event. On the platform by Airmeet.

The best way I can describe the event is this: It's an event that transforms you.

In the past, people travel kilometers to attend a networking event and learn from the best. They experience the event in person and the transformation happened.

But this year, as we all share the pain, travel, globally is not what it used to be.

So, holding the event live is not a viable option.

At First, we were disappointed...

Then, we realized...

What an incredible opportunity we have!

There were always those who wanted to but couldn't make it to such life-changing events. People who couldn’t travel for many reasons. Maybe so that, People couldn't get Visas on time..

This year, physical travell will be even worse...

But, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Agritech Fest took form for upholding the vision of sharing knowledge without bias.

Since Agritech Fest is Virtual, you can attend right from the comfort of your own home.

No travel expenses !!!!
No hotel charges !!!.
No other hassles !!!.

Get all of the same goodness!

So, if you could only attend one virtual event this year, be sure that it's Agritech Fest.

Experience a Life-Like Interaction at the Social Lounge

Move freely & network with our exhibitors in their fully customized branded virtual table.

Keynote speakers

b2b Networking


social lounge


Get practical takeaways and lessons of success and failures from a handpicked lineup of global MASTERMINDS in organized session

Sriram gopal

CEO at FutureFarms
(India's largest hydroponics tech company)

somveer singh anand

Co-Founder and CEO at Pindfresh


What people say about us

Competition is Out: Collaboration is in!

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Move towards the networking evolution

Eager to exhibit to the world what you have?

You have an opportunity to Collaborate and Network with 100+ business owners around the globe. Experience a Life-like interaction at the social lounge and customize your virtual table with your brand.
Connect with Investors and see the possibilities of scaling your company.


Supporting Partners

Join us at Agritech Fest

October 30 - 31, 2020
at The comfort of your own home

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