The International Virtual Festival on Hydroponics & Aquaponics

An Event that can change your life (from Comfort of your own home)      November 27 - 28, 2020

Agritech Fest

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Join 1000+ of World’s Brightest Minds in Hydroponics & Aquaponics to Learn, Share Secrets & Network Online.

For two days, Agritech Fest will stream hyper-focused speeches, social lounge, networking sessions and live Q&A sessions to help upgrade yourself to the next level.

The all-in-one Hydroponic and Aquaponic event will bring you closer to leading growers and brands than ever before.

Explore Agritech Fest Itineraries

  • Welcome message and Festival overview
  • Webinars by reputed speakers (Speakers list is given below)
  • Corporate Social Lounge
  • Speed Networking
  • Lightning talks by our Diamond and Gold Exhibitors
  • Panel discussion with Industry Leaders
  • Games Sessions
  • Open Networking
  • Welcome message and Festival overview
  • Webinars by reputed speakers (Speakers list is given below)
  • Corporate Social Lounge
  • Speed Networking
  • Lightning talks by our Diamond and Gold Exhibitors
  • Panel discussion with Industry Leaders
  • Games Sessions
  • Open Networking

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Dear Guest,

Agritech Fest is a festival with worldwide participation of Hydroponic and Aquaponic Enthusiasts, Business Vendors, Entrepreneurs, Researchers and Investors. Collectively coming together for the virtual event. On the platform by Airmeet.

The best way we can describe the event is this: It's an event that transforms you.

In the past, people travel kilometres to attend a networking event and learn from the best. They experience the event in person and the transformation happened.

However this year, as we all share the pain, travel, globally is not what it used to be.

Holding the event live is not a viable option.

At First, we were disappointed...

Then, we realized...

What an incredible opportunity we have!
There were always those who wanted to but couldn't make it to such life-changing events. People who couldn’t travel for many reasons. Sometimes, People couldn't get Visas on time..

This year, physical travel will be even worse...

However, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Agritech Fest took form for upholding the vision of sharing knowledge without bias.

Since Agritech Fest is Virtual, you can attend right from the comfort of your own home.

No travel expenses !!!!
No hotel charges !!!.
No other hassles !!!.

Get all of the same goodness!

So, if you could only attend one virtual event this year, be sure that it's Agritech Fest.


Experience a Life-Like Interaction
at the Social Lounge

Move freely & network with our exhibitors in their fully customized branded virtual table.

Keynote speakers

b2b Networking


social lounge

Session Topics

Necessity of Hydroponic and Sustainable Policy

hans hassle (SWEDen)

Nurturing the Farmers of the Future with IoT & AI

Nazzer Hamzah (Malaysia)

Circular economy in aquaponics

Jonothan Ho (Singapore)

Technology Adaption

Bhaskar Rao (UAE), Prof. Suhono (Indonasia), Som veer Anand Singh (India) Nazzer Hamzah (Malaysia)

Enabling Aquaponics for budget farmers

Vijay Suresh Yelmalle (India)

Growing demand of Hydroponics produces in the Indian market

Ajay Singh (India)

Precision based Hydroponics farming

Sriram Gopal (India)

NEXTWAVE: Vertical Home Growing - The Rise of a new Billion Dollar Industry Worldwide.

Gary Law

Addressing the Sustainability of Urban Farming Systems

Michael Martin (Sweden)

Future Business opportunities

John Chong (Singapore); Shrikant (Sweden); Priyanshu (India); Mr Praveen Sharma​

Food sovereignty

Wee Yin Sian (Singapore)

The Speakers

An unparalleled lineup of Hydroponics and Aquaponics leaders have come to share their secrets. They will present actionable insights, data-driven knowledge and innovative ideas from the industry.

Hans Hassle

Co-Founder of Plantagon International IAB Plantagon Association - Founder

David Wiggins

Principal Advisor at Farm 2 Hope

Christine Zimmermann-Loessl

Chairwoman at Association for Vertical Farming

Michael Martin, Phd

Senior Researcher, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Life Cycle Management | Sustainable Society

Sriram gopal

CEO at FutureFarms

somveer singh anand

Co-Founder and CEO at Pindfresh

Vijay Suresh Yelmalle

Founder of Mystiq Garden

Gary Law

Founder & CEO of VictoryFARM@Rooftop Malaysia

bhaskar rao

CAO at Veggitech, UAE

Mohammaed Nazzer Mahzah

HOD at Technology and Urban Farming Units at FSX AI


Founder of Otolith Enrichment

John Chong

Founder of My Honey & Bee Amaze d Garden

Prof. Dr. Suhono Harso Supangkat

Agritech Innovator

Shrikant Ramakrishnan

Consulatant at Global Business Development - Plantagon Invest AB

Wee Yin Sian

Farm 2 Hope Expert Practitioner

Ajay Singh Bankawat

Co-Founder and CEO at Mystiq Garden


What people say about us

Competition is Out: Collaboration is in!

Move towards the networking evolution

Branded tables

Brand your tables (rooms) so the visitors can easily find you during socials


Present your product or service to a large no. of people.


Improve your business beyond your boundaries

Hassle free

Get rid of traveling, hotels and outside food.

Eager to exhibit to the world what you have?

Have an opportunity to Exhibit and Network with 1000+ Hydroponics and Aquaponics enthusiasts around the globe. Create a Life-like Virtual Experience and interaction at the social lounge and customize your Virtual Table with your brand.
Connect with Investors and see the possibilities of scaling your company.


Supporting Partners

Join us at Agritech Fest

November 27 - 28, 2020
at The comfort of your own home

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